Most Unforgettable McDonald’s Ad Iconic Lolo Passes Away

Iconic McDonald's ad Lolo Passes Away
Karen bid 'Goodbye' to Lolo Rudy

Do you remember that old McDonald’s ad? It is one of the most inspiring family stories in Philippine history. Who does not remember that McDonald’s ad?

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Son of the iconic lolo Rudy of the 90's McDonald's ad post this requiem message on Facebook
Raymond Francisco FB Post

The screen opens to reveal a young lady inside a McDonald’s store. An old man’s voice is heard in the background. He sings part of the famous Filipino folk song, Leron-leron Sinta. The camera pans out to reveal the old man. He plays with his handkerchief like a doll as the girl places the tray on the table. She sits across the old man.

“Saan ka ba galing, Gina?”, the old man asked the young girl.
(“Where have you been, Gina?”, the old man asked the young girl). The girl patiently replies correcting her memory-challenged grandfather. “Lo, Karen, po”, she said. But the old man kept calling her Gina instead of her real name. She gets upset.

You should have all your memories refreshed by now. But, in case you do not, you can watch the McDonald’s ad here. Karen Delos Reyes was the young girl in the video. She posted this sad report on Instagram yesterday.

Most Unforgettable McDonald’s Ad

The McDonald’s ad was released in the 90’s. It led to Karen’s big break in showbiz. The McDonald’s TV ad touched the hearts of many viewers. It has become one of the most unforgettable TV commercials in the Philippines. Sadly, for Karen and the iconic lolo’s family, yesterday was the last time they get to hear the loving voice of their favorite grand pappy.

Rudy Francisco was the iconic lolo in the McDonald’s ad. He worked as an actor for Sampaguita Pictures in the 1950’s but immediately quite his job to become a lawyer. He became Sampaguita’s legal counsel for the rest of his career.

The unforgettable McDonald’s ad is one of the most inspiring family stories in the Philippines.

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