The Maverick: Ode to Dirk Nowitzki

The 7-foot tall athlete of Dallas, Mavericks has announced his retirement.

While Los Angeles Lakers mulls over the separation of two essential members of its team, the entire NBA League pays tribute to the heroic acts of the 7-foot basketball star of Dallas, Mavericks.

A Video featuring ‘The Maverick’ a poem dedicated to Dirk Nowitzki. Created by Nike.

The Mavericks forward, Dirk Nowitzki, waves goodbye to his fans in the post game ceremony held at American Airlines Center in Dallas. It will be his last game this season as he had announced his retirement after the game. Dignified personalities like former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush paid their tribute on Tweeter to the German athlete. Nike made a special poem honoring the athletes achievements in the NBA. It has been posted in the brands Twitter account.

Dirk Nowitzki is indeed a great player and role model in his craft. Having migrated from a distant land, he came to United States as an underdog. He had his own share of ups and downs but he didn’t give up. He continued to work his way up to stardom. With all the fame that he has achieved, he remains the humble person that he is. That is why people love him. Social media is exploding with praises from his friends, colleagues, fans and other fellas in the industry. Kobe Bryant commended him on Twitter for his loyalty to his team.

The home game at the American Airlines Center on Tuesday was Nowitzki final game after twenty-one seasons. Leaving the Mavericks with a victorious ‘120-109’ lead over Phoenix Suns, it’s a legacy that will make this Big German athlete an icon in the NBA League.

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