R. Kelly Snaps at Gayle King, Gets Arrested for Failure to Pay Child Support

R Kelly Gayle King

The R&B singer, R. Kelly, was arrested on Wednesday after failing to pay his ex-wife more then $160,000 in child custody. His arrest came after a heated interview with Gayle King on CBS News. The artist has been facing several counts of child sexual abuse. It was barely a week since he last bailed out of jail for these charges.

R. Kelly snaps at Gayle King on CBS This Morning

Mr. Kelly appeared in an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning show. In this interview, he became hysterical about the charges against him. He denies all those charges and tried to portray himself as a victim of social media-fueled smear campaign. The camera caught him screaming and raising a finger on the female host. The photograph went viral on social media.

Gayle King remained calm and composed despite the sudden outburst of emotions. Many on social media praised the talk show host for her composure. Her friend and well-known T.V. host, Oprah Winfrey, applauded Ms. King for remaining calm and focused in spite of the perplexing situation. T.V. producer and writer, Shonda Rhimes, calls Ms. King’s reaction “a master class in poise and determination”.

Mr. Kelly was seen screaming, cursing and pleading to the camera in this interview. The Cook County Sheriff’s office confirmed R. Kelly’s arrest for failure to pay child support on Wednesday. He owes $162,663 and will be held in custody until payment is made. The singer is due in court on March 13.

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