[JUST IN] Mayor Tommy Osmeña Places P100K Reward to Identify Drug Raid Suspects

Image Source: File Photo - PhilStar Global

A certain Winmae Micarsos posted on Facebook last Saturday a CCTV footage of an alleged warrant-less drug entrapment operation in Barangay Carreta, Cebu City. The video was shared on Tulfo Charity, the official Facebook page of the news commentators, Erwin Tulfo and his brothers. The lady claims in her post that the suspects were policemen coming from Police Station 8 in Talamban, Cebu City.

100,000 peso reward to anyone who can positively identify the personnel involved in this warrantless operation,…

Posted by Tommy Osmeña on Thursday, April 25, 2019
Mayor Tommy Osmeña post on Facebook

The video shows a woman carrying a baby in her arms and some five men wearing bull caps moving around. Two of these men had a rifle in their hands. One man shoved the woman aside hitting the baby’s head with the bottom of his rifle. The enraged mayor stressed this in his Facebook post. He is giving away P100K reward to whoever can identify these men “especially the policeman who put the butt of his rifle to the baby’s head“. The video also shows a man beaten by these alleged policemen. Click the link below to see the full video.

[WATCH]: CCTV footage of drug entrapment operation in Barangay Carreta, Cebu City

About two hours ago, Sun Star Cebu posted another video on their Facebook page featuring an interview with the man arrested in the alleged ‘Tokhang’ operation. His name is Eddie Basillote and he admits that he had not been beaten. His only complaint was that he was not handcuffed. Watch the full interview below.

Interview with Eddie Basillote

WATCH: Interview with Eddie Basillote, the man in the CCTV video that went viral after it shows him being mauled by a group of people bearing firearms. The video sender said that the armed men were from the Talamban Police Station. Station chief Police Major Elisandro Quijano denied that his men were the men in the video. | via Alex Badayos

Posted by SunStar Cebu on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mayor Tommy is calling for the cooperation of all concerned citizens. “If this is a ‘legitimate police operation’, there should be nothing to hide. But the police are not cooperating with providing the identities of these men, so anyone with information can text me directly at 0917 329 9999.”, the Mayor said.

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