Clark International Airport: Quickly restored in less than 48 hours


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Clark Airport, unbelievably restored in less than 48 hours

After being hit by 6.1 magnitude earthquake, not only it was restored immediately in less than 48 hours, but Clark International Airport (CRK) in Pampanga will also resume its operations at 4:00 this afternoon.

According to the Department of Transportation(DOTr) at Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC), they’ve immediately started the needed restorations for the Passenger Terminal Building(PTB) and Control Tower as these structures were greatly affected by the cataclysm.

DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade was impressed by the quick response to his directive to carefully examine the structural integrity of the said airport, including the Terminal 2, and to hasten the repairs of the damaged facilities in order to get the airport up and running again and right away be serving the passengers.

As stated by Secretary Tugade,”What happened was a tragedy that needs urgent actions. These are times where transportation is crucial in order to bring people to safety. That’s why, we, the DOTr,CIAC and BCDA are working non-stop in restoring and repairing the affected structures to resume the operations at Clark Airport. We are providing all the possible help that we can give from giving free food, free rides and etc.”

In the past, the Secretary gave the orders to the officials of CIAC to implement emergency procurement for purchasing the needed equipments and availing the services needed for the said restoration.

CRK has an estimated damage cost of PHP30 million. A number of 110 flights were affected after suspending its operations due to the said earthquake.

Clearing operations immediately started on Tuesday morning, April 23, particularly in pre-departure area where the large portion of the ceiling collapsed.

Electricity is now restored in the airport, including the operation of flight information systems and CCTV before officially resuming its operations within this day.

Meanwhile, no damage was reported in the runway and taxiway of the airport and even in the PTB that’s why cargo carriers like FedEx and UPS were already starting it’s operations as early as tuesday night — indicating that runways are already usable.

CIAC President Jaime Melo assured the public that Clark Airport will resume its operations, starting from the counter all throughout the boarding gates at 4:00 in the afternoon.

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