Bong Go Bares His Back Revealing No Alleged Code Name Tattoo

OPM artist, Jim Paredes, and senatorial candidate, Bong Go, faces controversial issues in Philippine politics today.

On April Fool’s Day, a promiscuous video showing the well-known OPM artist in the Philippines went viral over social media. The influential man, at first, denied his involvement in the scandalous propaganda. Eventually, in an article he posted in his personal blog, he admitted that he was the man in the video. The controversial issue ended quickly because of the man’s response to the allegations against him.

Senatorial candidate and President Duterte’s former right-hand man, Bong Go, is also facing his own share of controversy in Philippine politics. A video titled “Ang Totoong Narco List – Episode 3” was posted on YouTube last Sunday. It features a dark, hooded figure with a male voice speaking in front of the camera. The figure allegedly reported Go’s involvement in the illegal drug trade, accusing the senatorial candidate of having a tattoo on his back which bears his code name that connects him to the police Narcotics watch list.

GMA 7 Reporter, Cedric Castillo, tweeted on Wednesday morning a video of the senatorial candidate showing his bear back before media reporters in a press conference. The video showed Bong Go turning his back on the crowd of various media correspondents. He took off his white shirt revealing his bare back. The reporters laughed when they saw the man’s naked skin revealing plenty of ventosa marks instead of the alleged tattoo.

A deleted tweet from GMA 7 reporter, Cedric Castillo, reveals senatorial candidate, Bong Go’s bare back with no signs of the alleged Narco List code name tattoo.

The unaffected senatorial candidate puts on a red polo shirt bearing the words, “Go, Bong Go” and the number 34. He turns around, sits back on the swivel chair and said, “Klaro ha?” Then he stood up and turns his back again, telling his audience, “‘Eto ang tatak, Oh!” He points his finger to the print on the back of his shirt. He turns around and sits on his chair saying, “Sana matapos na itong istorya.” The reporter already deleted his Twitter post.

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